” A Bicycle Can Go A Long Way!”

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 In Memory of My Dad “John A. Pazdziora” A great giver of charity.
501(c)(3) public chairty

Welcome to our website! Please consider donating your used bicycles today!!!

  Please Read “Dusty’s Blog” for Details and look at our gallery

To change lives one bicycle at a time.  To promote “Fun and Fitness” helping to improve health and wellness.  An organization where volunteers become leaders and people help people.  A provider of mentor-ship through education and life skills in the world of bicycles.

NBLB is a Spirit centered organization, positively driven to provide resources for good health, recreation, transportation and mentor ship.


  • Service of the Poor; Generosity of Spirit, especially for persons most in need.
  • Integrity; Inspiring trust through personal leadership.
  • Wisdom; Integrating respect, compassion, excellence and stewardship.
  • Creativity; Courageous innovation with endless drive.
  • Dedication; Affirming the hope and joy of our ministry.

Our Commitment
No Bike Left Behind (NBLB) is a charitable organization centered on recycling pre-owned bicycles back into the hands of kids, less fortunate individuals and families, as a means of transportation and/or recreation.  In doing so, we help to reduce the physical and mental affects of a fragile economy that can contribute to an unhealthy way of living.

Research has shown that pedaling a bike for only thirty minutes a day can mitigate the threat of obesity, diabetes and depression as well as many other diseases in both children and adults. Our emphasis is on promoting a healthy body and lifestyle by creating awareness through education, activities, and distribution of our products and services.

In society today, there is not enough people willing to give of their time, talent or resources to make a difference in the lives of others.  We at NBLB are compelled to take the lead!

A beautiful Michigan day can be enjoyed on a bicycle, not the couch! We are here to tell you that it is possible to make good health a habit on a discounted NBLB bike, just Contact Us for details.

Here’s how we work: In order keep bicycles from littering fields and landfills , we offer YOU the community, an opportunity to contribute any unwanted Dusty, Rusty and Flat bicycles that have claimed ownership of your garage, shed and basement.  We carefully refurbish the bikes, making them safe and desirable for years to come.  They are then ready to go home to a new excited owner.  Our bicycles impact the lives of the neediest people in our community.

NBLB is certainly NO JOKE! Please look deep into your empire and raise ole’ Dusty, Rusty, and Flat up to a true cause higher than you can imagine and it is said that you will be rewarded!

Thank you, on behalf of “No Bike Left Behind”

Gerard A. Pazdziora,
Founder / CEO

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